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Our tablets are formulated and developed by experts in the medical cannabis industry, who are dedicated to crafting products with exceptionally high quality and dependability. Our experience in high-grade cannabis can help open the door to your experience, whatever you have in mind.

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Our commitment to delivering the highest quality product includes:

  • NO animal testing
  • All plant based — no animal by-products
  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sugar Free
New Press 50mg tablets bottle

PRESS Hard Pressed
THC Tablets – 50mg

A high-quality, high-potency tablet that is affordable, portable, convenient, and discreet. If you are looking for a high THC count 50mg tablet, you know why – and we respect that. Your journey begins.

Available sizes:
  • 20 Tablets (Bottle)
  • 2 Tablets (Sachet)
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New Press 10mg tablets bottle

PRESS Hard Pressed
THC Tablets – 10mg

Enhance your experience: whether you are seeking more creativity, more flow, or just more in general, these inexpensive, mobile, and low-profile 10mg tablets are easy to fit into your lifestyle. Day or night.

Available sizes:
  • 40 Tablets (Bottle)
  • 30 Tablets (Bottle)
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New Press 5mg tablets bottle

PRESS Hard Pressed
THC Tablets – 5mg

In life, every little bit counts. If you’re curious about cannabis or looking for a micro-dose that works for you – our low-impact, high-quality 5mg pills is the perfect fit. A convenient way to avoid the smoke and focus on the effect. Cannabis with control.

Available sizes:
  • 30 Tablets (Bottle)
  • 20 Tablets (Bottle)
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Where you can find PRESS

PRESS is currently available in the below states:

  • California
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Virginia

Product offerings vary by market, please check local dispensary listings for current availability.